About Us

OC Flavors, Inc. was founded in 2007 by two women who had a combined 50 years of experience in the food industry. Their vision was to supply quality flavors along with superior customer service. Today OC Flavors, Inc. has grown to become a supplier to both national and international accounts without compromising on their vision of becoming their customers’ #1 supplier.

What’s New at OC Flavors, Inc.

OC Flavors, Inc. has recently announced that they have expanded their operations into a new corporate facility in Chino, California. Incorporated in 2006, their flavor team has over 50 years of expertise in the flavor field. They custom formulate liquid and powdered flavors for the bakery, beverage, dairy and nutraceutical industries. OC Flavors provides hands-on development for each product from concept to finished prototype. In addition, they support their customers with the latest trend and marketing research to support their innovative prototypes and presentations. Since their founding almost seven years ago, they have increasingly built their strong customer base by providing quality, innovative liquid and powder flavors that are Natural, Artificial, Kosher Certified, and Organic Certified.

President Leah McCuen is quoted as saying, “We are extremely excited to take this next step in our business. We are so proud of the success we have achieved since we have worked so hard to provide excellent customer service along with creative products. In this way, we knew that we would become most successful and stand out from our competitors. Our motto has been from the beginning: Our Customer, Originally Created, Organic Certified, Our Community, Our Commitment, and Our Company. More strongly than ever, we believe OC Flavors will continue to grow and strengthen our customer base as we continue to serve with the utmost passion the latest technology and creativity in the heart of each unique flavor we develop. We promise you – Our Customer – continued success with our highest quality flavors and customer service.”